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Forthcoming Events

Unless explicitly stated, all events start with coffee at 6:00pm with the talk commencing at 6:30pm, generally finishing around 8:00pm. Non members welcome.

Where we are over-subscribed, you may be placed on the reserve list and priority for places will be given to those that have registered early.
  • Jan

    Bold, Open and Positive: Lessons from leading a complex and innovative cross-government digital programme

    BCS, Southampton Street, London
    Janet Hughes, former Verify Programme Director
  • Janet led the team that took GOV.UK Verify from beta to live in 2016, and became known for promoting a 'bold, open and positive' approach to digital transformation. Verify is the UK government's new way to prove your identity online. It's a new type of service, delivered in a new way, within a new organisation (the Government Digital Service). Janet will share the lessons she learned from the challenging experience of managing, from start to finish, this complex, innovative programme, and explain how they might apply more widely.

    Janet was Programme Director, GOV.UK Verify and Head of Policy and Engagement for the Identity Assurance Programme of the Government Digital Service. Prior to that she was Head of Scrutiny and Investigations at the London Assembly.

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  • Feb

    Computers, Code and Covert Action: The Ongoing Upheaval in Intelligence

    BCS, Southampton Street, London, arrive 18:00 for a 18:30 start
    Kristian Gustafson, Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies, Brunel University
  • Dr. Gustafson is the deputy Director of BCISS and Director of Studies for Intelligence and Security Studies at Brunel University. Having served ten years as an officer in the Canadian army, he left the service in 2001 to begin his second profession as a scholar of intelligence. After an MA at the University of Alberta, Canada, he moved to the UK to take his PhD at Downing College, Cambridge. Before coming to Brunel, he was senior lecturer in War Studies at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst

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  • Mar

    What is in that Audio File? - The future of voice analytics and the death of audio and video files

    BCS, Southampton Street, London, arrive 18:00 for a 18:30 start
    Nigel Cannings, CTO Intelligent Voice
  • Watching video, listening to audio, or scanning an email chain to find information is tiresomely slow and inefficient. Imagine being able to find and listen to just the interesting bits. Or see an analysis of not just who was talking and what they said, but how they were feeling.

    This is a hot issue for lawyers, compliance officers, auditors and intelligence. And increasingly to all of us. More and more business meetings are held online and recorded. When we miss a meeting or join a project team, we need fast ways to catch up.

    Nigel will explain how the technology works and some of the applications. He will cover the role of machine learning, graphics processing and big data in creating real-time, very accurate indexed transcriptions that can be used in many ways, from identifying prisoners doing deals to by the minute billing in the legal sector.

    Nigel is CTO of Intelligent Voice, an entrepreneur and a 'lawyer turned techie'. He advises business how to unlock the value of records of communication.

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  • Mar

    Stiffness: Controllable Robots for Minimally Invasive Surgery

    BCS, Southampton Street, London, arrive 18:00 for a 18:30 start
    Professor Kaspar Althoefer, Queen Mary College, University of London
  • Science Week Talk

    Modern surgical robotic systems such as the da Vinci Surgical System have been employed to conduct minimally invasive or keyhole surgery. Despite a number of notable advances over current laparoscopic methods, such as reduced training time for the surgeons, ease of use of the robotised system and improved ergonomics for the surgeons, such robot-assisted surgical systems continue to make use of rigid instruments severely restricting the areas they can reach during operations.

    Departing from these types of robots, which are fundamentally based on a structure composed of rigid link elements connected via joints, the EU project STIFF-FLOP (STIFFness controllable Flexible and Learnable manipulator for surgical OPerations) has created soft multiple-segment manipulators with controllable stiffness. I will highlight the conceptual ideas behind the project, report on our achievements and how these relate to safety considerations in the context of Robot-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery (RMIS). Challenges emerging when departing from traditionally rigid instruments and progressing towards flexible and even stiffness-controllable surgical tools will be discussed.

    Professor Althoefer is an experienced roboticist leading competitively-funded research on soft robotics, intelligent micro-sensing systems and human-robot interaction with applications in minimally invasive surgery, assistive technologies, rehabilitation and manufacturing at Queen Mary University of London, acquired GBP4.5M as PI from national/international funding bodies and successfully completed 19 PhD projects.

    Professor Althoefer's research team currently comprising of 10 members (postdoctoral research associates and PhD students) is involved in funded collaborative research with leading London hospitals and European research organisations creating novel robot-assisted solutions for cardiac catheterisation, foetal ultrasound monitoring, tissue diagnosis using miniaturised stiffness sensors and ergonomically-optimised human-robot interaction. Over the last decade, the team has built a large portfolio of projects in application-oriented research for the healthcare and manufacturing sectors with funding from organisations such as EPSRC, European Commission (including coordination of two EU-projects), Wellcome Trust and UK-based charities, exceeding GBP30M and producing more than 250 peer-reviewed papers.

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