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Forthcoming Events

Unless explicitly stated, all events start with coffee at 6:00pm with the talk commencing at 6:30pm, generally finishing around 8:00pm. Non members welcome.

Where we are over-subscribed, you may be placed on the reserve list and priority for places will be given to those that have registered early.
  • Mar

    Intelligent Computing, Mathematics and Cryptography

    BCS 5 Southampton Street WC2E 7HA
    Prof. Atulya Nagar, Liverpool Hope University
    Neil Buckley, Liverpool Hope University
  • The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science promotes diverse, cutting-edge research. Neil, a Ph.D. student at the department will present his research into the cryptographic paradigm of visual secret sharing, with low computational cost decryption of confidential graphical data, even using human vision alone, if necessary. This work develops techniques rendering it more versatile, hiding multiple images in any access structure, with enhanced quality and 3D capability. In addition, Prof. Nagar will introduce the work within his department, such as innovative research into biologically-inspired computing and mathematics.

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  • Mar

    Grasping the virtual, how our hands reach into and manipulate the virtual world

    BCS 5 Southampton Street WC2E 7HA
    Dr. Greg Slabaugh, City University London
    Muhammad Asad, City University London
    Remi Basaru, City University London
  • Recent introduction of wearable devices such as Google Glass and Meta have generated considerable interest in egocentric computing. Such devices, moving with a user, provide a camera, and screen (between the user and the environment) onto which information can be displayed. In the absence of a traditional keyboard and mouse, novel interactions methods are required. Utilising
    computer vision and machine learning techniques we can recognises a useful subset of hand orientation, pose, and gestures from video, providing a natural interface for human computer interaction.

    Using standard 2D video, Muhammad will present work focussing on hand orientation estimation. The method employs Random Forest regression to map image features to the space of orientation angles. The algorithm runs in real‐time and is used to augment, into the live video stream, synthetic content that is controlled by the user.

    Remi will describe initial work on gesture recognition using a two camera stereovision system. Images are rectified and a novel stereo matching technique is used to infer a disparity map that provides a cue for the depth of objects in the scene relative to the camera. Ongoing work to build a database of 3D hand shapes, animated through skeletal deformation techniques will be described.
    This data is then used to train a machine learning algorithm to recognise poses and gestures.

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  • Apr

    Trends in Programme / Project management

    BCS 5 Southampton Street WC2E 7HA

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  • May

    Avoid the dark, dead-ended rabbit holes: A thin slice of Problem Analysis

    BCS 5 Southampton Street WC2E 7HA
    Adrian Reed, Blackmetric Business Solutions
  • Successful projects need a clear direction and a definitive destination. This starts with a solid understanding of the business problem or opportunity that exists. Pre-project problem analysis helps to achieve this level of clarity and helps ensure that stakeholders have a common view on the problem that needs to be solved. This makes further detailed analysis much easier and helps project teams to avoid delving down dark, dead-ended rabbit holes.

    This practical session focusses on how to carry out analysis before or during the early stages of a project. During this session you will hear:
    1. Why is pre-project problem analysis important?
    2. How and where it fits into the project lifecycle
    3. Specific techniques that can be used to gain a quick understanding (a thin slice) of the Why and the What of projects
    4. How to create a 1-page project concept document that crystallises the need for a project and gains stakeholder consensus.

    Adrian Reed is a Consulting Lead Business Analyst who is passionate about the analysis profession. He is Principal Consultant and Director at Blackmetric Business Solutions (www.blackmetric.co.uk), where he provides business analysis consultancy and training solutions to a range of clients in varying industries. Outside of work, he is President of the UK chapter of the IIBA. Adrian is a true advocate of the analysis profession, and is constantly looking for ways of promoting the value that good analysis can bring.

    You can read Adrian's blog at http://www.adrianreed.co.uk and follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/UKAdrianReed

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