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Forthcoming Events

Unless explicitly stated, all events start with coffee at 6:00pm with the talk commencing at 6:30pm, generally finishing around 8:00pm. Non members welcome.

Where we are over-subscribed, you may be placed on the reserve list and priority for places will be given to those that have registered early.
  • Oct

    AGM followed by An Appreciation of Alan Turing, Virtuoso and Visionary

    BCS, Southampton Street, London, 18:00 for AGM, 18:30 for talk
    Jonathan Bowen, Emeritus Professor of Computing, London South Bank University
  • Alan Turing is well known as the "father of computing". With his contribution to mathematics, code-breaking, computer science and logic, he has long been a subject of great fascination. Following the centenary of his birth in 2012 he has become even more widely recognised for his remarkable contribution to our understanding of the world around us through his work on the computational mathematics that underlies life and evolution, which some compare to the insights of Einstein and Newton.

    Jonathan will take us through the journey of Turing's life and achievements, offer an appreciation of his great contribution and growing reputation. If you are already familiar with Alan Turing this talk with enrich your understanding and bring you up to date. For those yet to appreciate the magnitude of his influence, this will be a most valuable introduction.

    Jonathan P. Bowen FBCS FRSA is a joint author of recently published The Turing Guide (2017). He is Emeritus Professor of Computing at London South Bank University, where he established and headed the Centre for Applied Formal Methods. Jonathan's academic career spans Birmingham City University, the University of Reading, Oxford University Computing Laboratory's Programming Research Group and Imperial College, London. His books and publications include subjects such as Formal Methods and Electronic Visualisation. Jonathan was a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is Chairman of Museophile Limited.

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  • Nov

    Shaking Up Logistics: Disruptive Innovation at Ocado

    BCS, Southampton Street, London, arrive 18:00 for a 18:30 start
    Dr David Sharp, Head of Technology 10x, Ocado
  • A tipping point is fast approaching in the retail logistics industry as the pace of automation picks up. Ocado, as a recognised industry leader in this field, is bringing together an increasingly sophisticated combination of innovative artificial intelligence, e-commerce, internet-of-things, robotic, telecommunication, transportation, cloud and warehouse technologies.

    David Sharp will describe the dramatic impact of this array of technology and explain how it is propelling online grocery into the future. David will provide us with a rare glimpse into Ocado's world-leading Smart Platform where swarms of robots inhabit a dense jungle of groceries and your shopping is done in just a few minutes.

    Beyond this, for those interested in the sector, David will describe exciting opportunities at Ocado for technology students to be part of the innovative design and development of future generations of these technologies.

    David Sharp leads Ocado's "Technology 10x" team that seeks to make disruptive "ten times" improvements to the technology that empowers online grocery retailing. David was previously a Lecturer in Computing at Imperial College, having graduated from Imperial with a PhD in Computing and MBA in New Ventures. He is a scholar of King's College Cambridge, where he studied Engineering (Electrical Sciences). Prior to joining Ocado, David worked as a technology consultant in Cambridge and London, creating new technology and advising businesses, investors and lawyers on technology-related strategies, projects and ventures.

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  • Jan

    Debate: Software Robots - Good for Society?

    BCS, Southampton Street, London. 18:00 for tea. 18:30 start.
  • Software robots are ever-expanding in the home and in work, with growing numbers of providers and users alike.

    Some people believe that intelligent AI systems will bring a new breed of streamlined organisations, making life simpler and easier, and bringing more convenient and cheaper products and services.

    Others think they are a threat to our jobs. They will create inequality and put the long term stability of society at risk.

    Still others predict it will never happen. Robots can never match the creative and learning abilities of humans. They will be relegated to the side-lines.

    The aim of this event is to bring together eminent guests and members of the general public to debate these issues and help us shed light on these fascinating topics.

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  • Feb

    The 5G Revolution: What it is and what it could mean for us, for business and for society

    BCS, Southampton Street, London, arrive 18:00 for a 18:30 start
    Paul Ceely, Director of Technology and Business Strategy, British Telecom
  • Once a decade the mobile industry introduces a new generation of mobile technology, and now it is the turn of the 'fifth' generation, called 5G, which will be implemented over the coming few years to build on the success of 4G (LTE), smartphones and the mobile internet ecosystem. 5G technology promises many more exciting new capabilities, as well as bringing important network performance improvements such as higher speeds, lower latency, more reliable connectivity, and more capacity, all at a lower cost. There are further capabilities which offer promises of a further revolution in social and commercial applications, and a wave of innovation in business models, impacting industries well beyond the traditional wireless and wired telecoms and the smartphone ecosystem.

    Paul will introduce the current state of 5G, what it is, some of the promising new technologies such as network slicing, the new radio and discuss what we can expect from it. He will talk about the recent activities within the global ecosystem and in the UK and also the maturity of some of these more wide ranging ambitions.

    Paul Ceely has over 20 years' experience network strategy and IP networking, and has been responsible for developing, driving and communicating the medium to long-term Network Strategy for EE since its formation in 2010 from the merger of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK, continuing this through the merger with BT in 2016, being instrumental in the strategy EEs 4G launch in 2012.

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